Music albums published by Enzo Crotti

Integral 432 Hz Music

Album Cover
(music, chakra and colors)
Integral 432 Hz music is based on the mathematics of life, with special tunings derived from the heights indicated by Pythagoras for musical notes, combined with other characteristics of music.

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Some Little Musical Things

some little musical things - cover
(classical guitar, 432 Hz)
Twelve original compositions for classical guitar recorded at 432 Hz for a more natural sound. The songs are in jazz style, and contain themes and improvisations, I also added a track that offers a song in guitar and orchestra version.

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Fai questo e torna da me (music albums and awareness)

CD cover
Do this and come back to me CDCiao, I would like to talk about my project that has been transmitted by RAI Radio 3. It ‘a CD containing nine original songs and a story in seven episodes.

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