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Here’s something for you that you can download freely:

Cover Om Mani Padme Hum

MP3: OM Mani Padme Hum

A special mantra to pray and protect others and themselves.

Aria d'Ohm-Cover

MP3: “Aria d’Ohm”

One of my most popular songs with tuned to 432 Hz.

horse racing cover

MP3: “Horse Racing”

It is a song inspired by the horses. In this music I wanted to represent the strength and power of horses running, but also their harmony and beauty in the movement and appearance. It is also incuded the TAB.

ALBUM: “Some Little Musical Things”

Original compositions for classical guitar recorded at 432 Hz for more natural sound. Each song contains themes and improvisation.

Fai questo e torna da me free

ALBUM: “Fai Questo e Torna da Me”

This CD on music as a means of improving human welfare. Includes five songs, the first two episodes of the story and the cover to be printed.

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