Album 432 Hz: “Integral 432 Hz Music” – Music, Chakra and Colors

Album CoverMaking this Album required attention so that every detail was based on the mathematics of life. The tones and modes of the music are based on special intonations derived from the frequencies indicated by Pythagoras for musical notes, thus obtaining the fundamental frequencies of Integral 432 Hz Music. In this type of music are important 8 hz, fundamental value in the Universe of Macrocosm and Microcosm, 432 Hz and 256 Hz and other volumes shown alongside the songs, also linked to the movement and the size of the planets, first of all the Earth. In this way, states of relaxation are promoted by the resonance that these vibrations transmit to the body of the listener. Also the speed of the tracks, and therefore their Tempo, have been chosen to interact positively with the frequencies. By combining color tonics you can also suggest one or more chakras that are stimulated by listening to a certain piece. All these knowledge related to the mathematics of life are part of 432 Hz Integral Music.


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Album Trailer: Integral 432 Hz Music – Musica, Chakra e Colori – Album Trailer

LISTENING: “Integral 432 Hz Music” – Music, Chakra and Colors

(P) © 2018 Enzo Crotti

Tracks contained in the album

  1. A Mixolydian Samba (432 Hz) – Enzo Crotti
  2. Aria d’Ohm (256 Hz) – Enzo Crotti
  3. Air on the G String (256 Hz) – Johann Sebastian Bach
  4. The Secret of Memory (480 Hz) – Enzo Crotti
  5. Pavane Op. 50 (320 Hz) – Gabriel Fauré
  6. Pachelbel’s Canon (288 Hz) – Johann Pachelbel
  7. Meditation Lake (384 Hz) – Enzo Crotti
  8. Für Elise (288 Hz) – Ludwig van Beethoven
  9. Wondorian Dance (432 Hz) – Enzo Crotti
  10. Gymnopédie N. 1 (288 Hz) – Erik Satie
  11. Horn Concerto No. 4, Romance (256 Hz) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  12. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (360 Hz) – Johann Sebastian Bach

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