Fai questo e torna da me
(meditation music)



CD Fai questo e torna da meHello, I would like to talk about my music project, which was all broadcast on Radio 3 RAI in Italy. It’s a CD with nine original songs and a story in seven episodes.


In carrying out this work, I was inspired by music as a means to improve human welfare and Nada Yoga. For years I have been interested in these materials and I decided to write a short story-lesson you are looking to use as a vehicle for transmission of the content the same container, which in this case would be the music and the story I wrote. A little complicated?

Let me explain: the story was written in seven episodes because seven is a mystical number, as are the seven musical notes, tones and also the ways that I have chosen reflect a particular mood in the text and I’ve played every episode listening to a particular type of music to influence me in reading. It all takes place in a path that is to any development or change: to reach a new equilibrium after an emotional storm, it should work on every important aspect of our person, as the body, feelings, mind, and spirit . Of course, the CD contains many other ingredients inspired by my knowledge about music and spirit. But I’ll let you discover them himself.

I have intrigued you?

I hope so. However, if you wish, you can have a preview of the song “Dance of the Body” on the CD. Just fill out the form below by entering your name and email address.


Well, I thank you and invite you to continue to follow my work.

fai questo e torna da me CD audio

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PREVIEW: Fai questo e torna da me  (meditation music)

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