Enzo Crotti – 432 Hz music – on Spotify

Listen Enzo Crotti on SpotifyWith Spotify, you can listen to my music at all times: on your phone, on your computer, on your tablet, and much more. On Spotify you can subscribe or listen for free many other artists and of course my music too. Even though listening in high fidelity to a good Hi Fi system is always the best thing, Spotify can be an useful utility for when you move. You can follow my profile by running the following command, so you’ll stay up to date as soon as I post a new track.


Here is my music that you can currently find on Spotify


“Pachelbel’s Canon in D” (288-432 Hz) – Integral 432 Hz Music

Romance in F Major – 7.83 Hz Frequency of Schumann

Air on the G String (Bach) – 256/432 Hz – Integral 432 Hz Music

“A Mixolydian Samba” – Integral 432 Hz Music

“Meditation Lake” (384-432 Hz) – Integral 432 Hz Music

“Wondorian Dance” – Classical Guitar 432 Hz


“Integral 432 Hz Music” – Music, Chakra and Colors

“Some Little Musical Things” (classical guitar, 432 Hz)

PREVIEW: Fai questo e torna da me  (meditation music)

Enzo Crotti’s most popular tracks on Spotify