Single: “Autumn on Earth” – Relaxing music on Schumann Resonance

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The frequency of Schumann is a basic vibration that surrounds everything and everyone on Earth, since the dawn of time. Being able to connect a music at this frequency can mean achieving something truly relaxing and beneficial.

Think of a natural element in which life has developed and therefore can be considered beneficial to all effects? Here is the resonance of Schumann, an electromagnetic field emitted from the Earth and measurable in 7.83 Hz. Being a vibration we can approach it to a sound, so for example the 432 Hz music tries to approach that frequency rounding it to 8 Hz. In this new work of mine I am trying to get completely into the Schumann frequency and its four harmonics, trying to create music that combines artistic quality and natural beneficial frequencies. This is how Autumn on Earth is born, which is based on the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz and in particular its second harmonic: 20.8 Hz. Not only these two frequencies are present, but also the other three, even if rounded, indeed I can say that these frequencies identify the only five notes that make up this music and that make it in all respects similar to Schumann’s frequency and life as a result, obtaining a beneficial and relaxing effect. Then there are other characteristics that I usually include in my compositions, like my other works of 432 Hz Integral Music. Autumn on Earth, however, is not tuned to 432 Hz, but is instead tuned to a tonic F= 332.8 Hz, octave of the third harmonic of the frequency of Schumann, precisely to get even closer to the right frequencies.

All that exists is vibration, including us. Music that matches the basic frequencies of life resonates with us and gives us positive energy, in particular by stimulating emotional states and brainwaves. This original composition is tuned to the frequency of Schumann and its harmonics. Actually I used only five notes to compose the whole piece, these five notes are related to the base frequency of 7.83 Hz plus four other harmonics. The frequency of Schumann is the basic magnetic frequency of the Earth, which gives a sense of deep relaxation, so this music is very relaxing.



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