Single: Lullaby (Wiegenlied, Brahms)
Integral 432 Hz Music

31 July 2019 1 By Enzo Crotti

Integral 432 Hz Music also includes songs that are tuned differently. For example this version of famous “Lullaby(Wiegenlied) by Brahms is recorded with root E flat= 300 Hz.

The reason for choosing this tuning is that with this frequency and other musical parameters we mean to bring this music closer to the natural frequencies of the Earth, such as the well-known Schumann frequency.

“Lullaby” by Brahms is a beautiful and relaxing piece that is suitable to be recorded with a special 432 Hz tuning that is difficult to reproduce with orchestral instruments. In this work I am studying the frequencies of the Earth. The tuning used for this recording is with root E flat= 300 Hz, in a Pythagorean scale in fifths (not tempered). Also the time of music is regulated to exalt the natural frequencies oriented to the solicitation of the sixth Chakra.

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