Enzo Crotti – Guitar and 432 Hz Integral Music

“Purify yourself. Meditates. Discover the divinity. This is your highest duty. ” Swami Sivananda

Hello, my name is Enzo Crotti and I’m a guitarist and composer who research music at 432 Hz to follow the mathematics of life. Before tell you my personal story, I want to explain what I propose to do with my music. The contribution that I have always tried to promote with my work concerns the consciousness, especially the union between musical aesthetics and usefulness of music. About Me …

New Single: “OM Mani Padme Hum” Mantra Integral 432 Hz

The mantra “OM Mani Padme Hum” is often used in situations of danger and suffering, or to help others who are in difficult conditions. This is why I decided to make this song free until the coronavirus danger has passed.

New Single: Lullaby (Wiegenlied, Brahms) – Integral 432 Music

Integral 432 Hz Music also includes songs that are tuned differently. For example this version of famous “Lullaby” (Wiegenlied) by Brahms is recorded with root E flat= 300 Hz.

Single: “Romance in F Major” – 7.83 Hz Frequency of Schumann

The frequency of Schumann is a basic vibration that since the dawn of time surrounds everything and everyone on Earth. Being able to connect Beethoven’s “Romance in F Major” to this frequency can mean realizing something truly relaxing and beneficial.

New Album: “Integral 432 Hz Music – music, chakra and colors

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