Enzo Crotti – Guitar and 432 Hz Integral Music

“Purify yourself. Meditates. Discover the divinity. This is your highest duty. ” Swami Sivananda

Hello, my name is Enzo Crotti and I’m a guitarist and composer who research music at 432 Hz to follow the mathematics of life. Before tell you my personal story, I want to explain what I propose to do with my music. The contribution that I have always tried to promote with my work concerns the consciousness, especially the union between musical aesthetics and usefulness of music. About Me …

New Single: Lullaby (Wiegenlied, Brahms) – Integral 432 Music

Integral 432 Hz Music also includes songs that are tuned differently. For example this version of famous “Lullaby” (Wiegenlied) by Brahms is recorded with root E flat= 300 Hz.

Single: “Romance in F Major” – 7.83 Hz Frequency of Schumann

The frequency of Schumann is a basic vibration that since the dawn of time surrounds everything and everyone on Earth. Being able to connect Beethoven’s “Romance in F Major” to this frequency can mean realizing something truly relaxing and beneficial.

Single: “Autumn on Earth” – Relaxing music on Schumann Resonance

New Album: “Integral 432 Hz Music – music, chakra and colors

Where you can find my music:

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