Enzo Crotti – Guitarist and Composer – 432 Hz

Purify yourself. Meditates. Discover the divinity. This is your highest duty. Swami Sivananda

Hello, my name is Enzo Crotti and I’m a guitarist and composer who research music at 432 Hz to follow the mathematics of life. Before tell you my personal story, I want to explain what I propose to do with my music. The contribution that I have always tried to promote with my work concerns the consciousness, especially the union between musical aesthetics and usefulness of music. About Me

Single: “Romance in F Major” – 7.83 Hz Frequency of Schumann

New Single: “Autumn on Earth” – Relaxing music on Schumann Resonance

New Album: “Integral 432 Hz Music – music, chakra and colors

To understand how mathematics, awareness and music can merge together in Music.

Integral 432 Hz Music – Awareness, music and meditation” – (printed book and ebook)