Single: “The Secret of Memory” – Integral 432 Hz Music

Original composition for guitar and orchestra tuned to 432 Hz, with a special tuning difficult to reproduce with orchestral instruments.

The Secret of Memory - 432 Hz - CoverMy work on Integral 432 Hz Music is leading me to explore unusual tonalities and tunings. Perhaps not everyone knows that it is not enough to tune A note at 432 Hz. For example, my new composition “The Secret of Memory” is in tonality of B major, in which the important notes are B, F# and C # rather than A note. The frequency I used for this music is 480 Hz for the B note with a Pythagorean tuning, in order to obtain frequencies that are in harmony with the Earth and the 3rd Chakra. The music is composed and recorded so that the frequencies are as natural as possible, thanks to the knowledge of the mathematics of life that are explained in my book: “Integral 432 Hz Music“.

All that exists is vibration, including us. The music in tune with the basic frequencies of life resonates in us and gives us positive energy, in particular by stimulating emotional states and brain waves. This composition is based on a harmony that enhances the frequencies of B note to 480 Hz, connected to the third chakra and to many important frequencies of the Earth. This music has been recorded in a way that the vibrations and main characteristics are tuned to the beneficial frequencies of Integral 432 Hz music using the Pythagorean scale in fifths.



VIDEO: The Secret of Memory – 432 Hz Music Integral – Third Chakra

Spotify – The Secret of Memory

(P) © 2018 Enzo Crotti

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  1. This is another wonderful work of yours. Many thanks sir Crottti. I’ll forward it to some of my friends to enjoy it.

    Thomas Pham

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