New classical guitar original composition:
“Wondorian Dance”

7 July 2015 0 By Enzo Crotti

"Wondorian Dance" - classical guitar 432 Hz“Wondorian Dance” is the new classical guitar original composition by Enzo Crotti, guitarist and composer, available on the official website.

07/07/2015 – Italy. “Wondorian Dance” is single piece for classical guitar written and recorded by Enzo Crotti, in a very personal style. The song has a special way, because it is the union of two words: Wonderful and Dorian, who is a scale used in jazz. In fact there are improvisations, although the theme uses many typicaltechniques of the classical guitar, including tremolo and pull-offs.

“Wondorian Dance is the union of two words: Wonder and Dorian, which means Wonderful Dorian Dance. This song is in fact, a modal Doric composition, which reports to sound warm and melodic, given the use of a scale typical Latin music”. (Enzo Crotti)



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PREVIEW: “Wondorian Dance” – Classical Guitar 432 Hz