Book: “Integral 432 Hz Music”
Awareness, music and meditation

28 January 2017 0 By Enzo Crotti

integral 432 hz music - storeMy new book about “Integral 432 Hz Music” is now available in English translation.

Music is not only a ears pleasure, but it si also a metaphor for life, for this reason is so important in every human culture. In this book I have tried to give the reader a global point of view to understand wath implications music can have for the well-being and human consciousness. Starting from the Greeks and Pythagoras, through the East with Nada Yoga, up to modern science with quantum physics, I described a journey that accompanies the reader to the wonderful world of music and awareness.
Integral 432 Hz Music is a fusion of knowledge to achieve the objective art, which combines mathematics and creativity, and get where philosophers like Osho and Gurdjieff we have indicated, that is, in the real world of consciousness.

The book “Integral 432 Hz Music – Awareness, Music and Meditation” is available in printed version and ebook on my website and in major stores on the internet.



Booktrailer: Integral 432 Hz Music – Awareness, music and meditation