“Fai questo e torna da me”- Album – Free Download

This in the free version of album: “Fai questo e torna da me”, awareness concept album. That version includes only five songs, the first two episodes of the story and the cover to be printed.

“Music can be a vehicle of great teachings and a way for the growth and well-being. Composed original music and I wrote the story that are included on this CD, using my knowledge in the field of music and meditation.” (Wenz)

The story on the CD has been transmitted on RAI Radio 3 (Italy).

Fai questo e torna da me free

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PREVIEW: Fai questo e torna da me  (meditation music)

(In the free download you only find the 7 tracks listed below)

(P) © 2013 Enzo Crotti

Tk. 1 Preludio
Tk. 3 Dance of the Body
Tk. 5 Think of Emotion
Tk. 6 Aria d’Ohm
Tk. 8 Balanced
Ep. 1 Grande dispiacere
Ep. 2 Prima il corpo