Album: Some Little Musical Things

album of classical guitar, enzo crottiThe classical guitar as seen through twelve small musical images, as if they were small items to keep in a drawer. I composed these issues and recorded melodies and improvisations tuning the guitar to 432 Hz.

“I think of these my songs of classical guitar, small objects as if they were musical instruments for kids maybe found by chance in a drawer I wish that those who listen to my music, do it with the wonder of a child who wields one of muisicali these games. “(Wenz)



You can also find digital album mp3 here

PREVIEW: “Some Little Musical Things” (classical guitar, 432 Hz)

(P) © 2014 Enzo Crotti

1 Summer Song (3:09)
2 Play the Love (3:12)
3 Delicate Blues (3:11)
4 Horse Racing (2:51)
5 Changes in Progress (3:20)
6 Singing in the Moonlight (3:38)
7 A Short Dialogue (3:11)
8 Farmer’s Blues (3:15)
9 Sixth Life (5:07)
10 Play the Love – orchestral (4:13)
11 City Driving (3:11)
12 Autumn Dance (3:58)
13 Pensieri (2:41)