Mp3 Single: “Riflessi sul Reale”

11 September 2017 0 By Enzo Crotti

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“Riflessi sul Reale” is a song sung by Enzo Crotti, recorded at 432 Hz. The tuning used for this recording is tempered to give the most recognizable sound to the track and concentrate on listening to the text.

This song is available in AUDIO FLAC format, which is best suited for listening to High Fedelity of music at 432 Hz.

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Reality that we live is the result of our perception, unfortunately we are often unaware of being a little more than robots, moving on pre-established tracks. As the great teacher Gurdjieff teaches us, there are only few moments in which we have the feeling of the true reality of things, and these are rare and short moments. This piece of music is a prayer that invokes “small views on the Real” through human love and solidarity.



DEMO: Riflessi sul Reale


VIDEO: Riflessi sul Reale – Enzo Crotti

(P) © 2017 Enzo Crotti

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