Mp3 Single: “Pavane Op. 50” – Fauré (Pythagorean intonation 432 Hz)

8 May 2017 0 By Enzo Crotti

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Rare arrangement of the famous Pavane of Fauré for Classical Guitar and Orchestra, in a version between Classical and New Age, with a special tuning difficult to reproduce with orchestral instruments. The tuning used for this recrding is with A note at 432 Hz with Pythagorean natural scale (not tempered). Music tempo is also set to enhance natural frequencies. I call this way to produce music “Integral 432 Hz Music“.

This track is available in AUDIO FLAC format, more suitable for Integral 432 Hz Music.

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Everything that exists is vibration, including us. Music that accords with the basic frequencies of life resonates and gives us positive energy, in particular by stimulating emotional states and brain waves. This famous Pavane by Fauré has been recorded so that vibrations and main features of music are tuned to the frequencies of 432 Hz integral music using the Pythagorean scale.



VIDEO: Pavane Op. 50 (Fauré) – Pythagorean Tuning 432 Hz – Enzo Crotti

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