Book: Integral 432 Hz Music and Other Songs: Guitar Score and TAB

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Book in printed version (74 pages) contains guitar sheet music and TAB of 10 tracks included in the album “Integral 432 Hz Music” by Enzo Crotti, plus another 4 original songs.

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Book in printed version, 74 pages, 14 tracks: sheet music and guitar tablature of 10 tracks of the CD “Integral 432 Hz Music” plus 4 tracks for classical guitar-fingerstyle.

Making this album has required a lot of study and work on the frequencies of life, a work that I will continue for the next album that I have planned. Integral 432 Hz Music should be played tuning the instrument on the Pythagorean or Just Intonation scale, but it is not always very simple, so these pieces can also be played with the equable tempered scale by tuning A note to 432 Hz, or tuning the tonic at the frequency closest to the correct one. At the beginning of each song I will indicate the correct tuning and the right speed for the performance. To complete this collection I have also included other classical and fingerstyle tracks that are not part of the “Integral 432 Hz Music” CD.


1 – A Mixolyadian Samba
2 – Aria d’Ohm
3 – Air on the G String
4 – Pavane Op. 50
5 – Canon in D
6 – Meditation Lake
7 – Für Elise
8 – Wondorian Dance
9 – Gymnopédie n. 1
10 – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
11 – Guerriero di Capestrano
12 – Montagne
13 – Orizzonti
14 – Fantasy for a Friend


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