Audio Flac: “Dio lo sa”

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“Dio lo sa” is a song composed by Enzo Crotti, recorded with tuning to 432 Hz. The lyrics of this song tell the delicate problem of solidarity and refugees. The tuning used for this engraving is tempered to give the song the most recognizable sound and concentrate so listening to the text.

This song is in FLAC format that guarantees a quality similar to that of the audio CD.

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The question of solidarity between people is something very present, which will probably be for the next years, given the size of the phenomenon of migration of refugees and economic migrants seeking better living conditions. Finding a solution to this problem is perhaps out of the reach of people who are often not even aware of what is going to be, in any case being solidarity is a basis for human coexistence and survival, something that everyone could either need.



DEMO: Dio lo sa


VIDEO: Dio lo sa – Canzone dedicata alla solidarietà e ai profughi

(P) © 2017 Enzo Crotti


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