Audio FLAC: “Autumn on Earth” – Schumann Resonance

12 November 2018 0 By ZacZac

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Original composition for guitar and orchestra, with a special tuning difficult to reproduce with orchestral instruments. In this work I am studying the frequency of Schumann and its harmonics. The tuning used for this incision is with root F=332.8 Hz, on a Pythagorean scale for fifths (not equable tempered). Also the tempo of the music is regulated to enhance the natural frequencies oriented to the stress of the seventh Chakra.

The AUDIO FLAC format allows better listening so as not to lose important frequencies of this type of music.

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All that exists is vibration, including us. Music that matches the basic frequencies of life resonates with us and gives us positive energy, in particular by stimulating emotional states and brainwaves. This original composition is tuned to the frequency of Schumann and its harmonics. Actually I used only five notes to compose the whole piece, these five notes are related to the base frequency of 7.83 Hz plus four other harmonics. The frequency of Schumann is the basic magnetic frequency of the Earth, which gives a sense of deep relaxation, so this music is very relaxing.



Video: “Autumn on Earth” – Relaxing music – Schumann resonance 7.83 Hz

Listening: Autumn on Earth – Relaxing music – Schumann frequency

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