Album CD: “Some Little Musical Things” – 432 Hz


Audio CD album in full version, with thirteen tracks, booklet sent via mail.

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I think of these my songs for classical guitar, as if they were small objects musical instruments for kids maybe found by chance in a drawer I would like those who listen to my music, do it with the wonder of a child who wields one of these musical games.


PREVIEW: Some Little Musical Things – Album CD

(P) © 2014 Enzo Crotti

1 Summer Song (3:09)
2 Play the Love (3:12)
3 Delicate Blues (3:11)
4 Horse Racing (2:51)
5 Changes in Progress (3:20)
6 Singing in the Moonlight (3:38)
7 A Short Dialogue (3:11)
8 Farmer’s Blues (3:15)
9 Sixth Life (5:07)
10 Play the Love – orchestral (4:13)
11 City Driving (3:11)
12 Autumn Dance (3:58)
13 Pensieri (2:41)

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