Album CD: “Fai questo e torna da me”

1 October 2014 0 By Enzo Crotti

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Audio CD album in full version, with all sixteen tracks, booklet sent via mail.

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“Music can be a vehicle of great teachings and a way for the growth and well-being. Composed original music and I wrote the story that are included on this CD, using my knowledge in the field of music and meditation.” (Wenz)

The story on the CD has been transmitted on RAI Radio 3 (Italy).

LISTENING: Fai questo e torna da me  (meditation music)

(P) © 2013 Enzo Crotti

1 Preludio
2 Regret
3 Dance of the Body
4 Relaxing Bell
5 Think of Emotion
6 Aria d’Ohm
7 Bal Em Pro
8 Balanced
9 Sapere ed Essere
10 Grande dispiacere
11 Prima il corpo
12 Relax
13 Emozioni
14 La mente non tace
15 Equilibrio
16 Sapere ed essere

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