New Classical Guitar video: “Wondorian Dance”

15 July 2015 0 By Enzo Crotti

classical guitar video wondorian danceI am happy to announce the publication of “Wondorian Dance”, my new video of classical guitar available on You Tube and on more platforms video streaming.

It is now available the video of the song “Wondorian Dance“, released July 10, 2015, a piece of music that I composed and played the classical guitar. The piece is inspired by the modal music and folk Spanish and Mediterranean. The tuning is at 432 Hz, for a more natural sound, and the harmonies are derived to Dorian scale, typical of some jazz tunes such as “So What” by Miles Davis. The video features scenes of dance with a shade of orange background, which is the color of the second chakra, an important energy center that covers the sexual sphere, which is why there are also scenes of sensual dance of the veils.

Enjoy everyone.