“Jingle Bells”, new video with classical guitar and voice

25 November 2014 0 By Enzo Crotti

jingle bells, classical guitar and voice“Jingle Bells” is a classic Christmas theme proposed in many versions. Enzo Crotti has made a personal version, singing and accompanying himself on the classical guitar. A kind of gift for those who follow him and for those who will find it even by chance on the internet.

The simplicity of “Jingle Bells” lends itself to variations even reaching. In this version Enzo Crotti sings the melody trying to give it a Jazzy color, using chords and harmonies that recall this sound. The video was then recorded live, and with a homey feel comfortable, to communicate in a more friendly and warm the message Merry Christmas Wish, namely that of a restart after it has reached the end of the year and the cycle of the seasons.

Enjoy everyone.