New music video:
“Lullaby” by Brahms,
music for Sixth Chakra

24 August 2019 1 By Enzo Crotti
Video gatti e sesto chakra

Lullaby” by Brahms is now a new music video in which I tried to enhance the relaxing frequencies of music with images of sleepy cats.

For some time now, every new piece of music that I published is combined with a music video, in which I would ideally represent music with images. For example the video “Lullaby” by Brahms is colored this special music, tuned to the frequencies of the Sixth Chakra Anjia, also called “Third Eye“.

The Sixth Chakra is the place of ideas and intuition, so I combined music with images of cats, totems of people endowed with intuition and fascinated by mystery. Furthermore, the colors of the images, as well as the curtain behind me as I play, are between the indigo and the violet, colors suitable to stimulate the Energies of the Sixth Chakra.

Of course, since this song is a lullaby, cats are sleepy and some yawn, although in reality it is not clear whether in some cases it is just a yawn, or if it is a defensive position. This is decided by those who see the video and listen to the music, since not everything can be only white or black, but also gray and much more colors I think.

Enjoy with my new video “Lullaby” by Brahms, music (and cats) for the Sixth Chakra!


Musical song: “Lullaby” (Brahms)

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