Single: “Andante K 495 Concert” – W.A. Mozart (432 Hz Integral Music)

andnte k 495 MozartMy next 432 Hz Integral Music CD is added to another song. This time I propose “Andante” from K 495 Concert by Mozart, a true musical genius who has composed perfect and curative music. This song is in tonality of C major, a scale that has spiritual characteristics and loving faith towards the Lord, in addition C note is tuned at 256 Hz and combined with the fourth Heart Chakra, to make this spiritual faith even deeper . Needless to say, all these features would be vain without the beauty of Mozart’s music, but in any case I believe that taking care of certain details can convey a few more messages. The music is composed and recorded so that the frequencies are as natural as possible, thanks to the knowledge of the mathematics of life that are explained in my book: “Integral 432 Hz Music“.

Tutto ciò che esiste è vibrazione, noi compresi. La musica che si accorda con le frequenze di base della vita risuona in noi e ci dona energia positiva, in particolare stimolando stati emotivi ed onde cerebrali. Questo brano di Mozart ha un’armonia che esalta la frequenze di DO a 256 Hz, collegata al quarto chakra, la musica inoltre è stata registrata in modo che le vibrazioni e le caratteristiche principali della musica siano sintonizzate sulle frequenze benefiche della musica integrale a 432 Hz utilizzando la scala Pitagorica per quinte.






VIDEO: Andante – Concerto K 495 (Mozart) – 432 Hz Integral Music – Classical Guitar


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